The first entry is always the most difficult to write. There is something grossly intimidating about the blank slate – every stroke, every movement, every thought I formulate at this very moment will be set in stone forever as the foundation of this humble little section of the internet I call my journal. Perhaps that’s the reason why, as a child, I could never keep a diary past the third entry – the pressure always hung over me like a dirty rag doll, judging me quietly as I carefully pulled out my string of “first words” –

As you can probably tell, this journal will be relatively open and free-flowing. I will be sharing my unfiltered thoughts on the design industry, relevant life experiences and choosing a path of creativity three years into a B.A. in International Relations. I will likely be featuring goods and publications that fuel me both as a designer and human being; I will also be sharing the work of fellow artists whom I believe will inspire you and leave your heart feeling lighter than before, even for a brief moment. After all, that is what most artists strive to do: to pose questions, to answer questions, and to uplift the human spirit by doing so.

The Denizen Co. is where I intend to celebrate my maturation from a casual design blogger to a graphic designer. It is also a special place where I plan to capture the dewy, ethereal beauty of my current home, British Columbia (although I must admit, no photo will likely do it justice). I am thankful that you have stopped by, and hope that this humble journal fills your day with warmth and inspiration. My name is Haruka Sakaguchi, and I proudly present to you my very first full-service design studio: The Denizen Co.

Photo Credit: Anna Williams / The Voracity Magazine