Pristine scenery and rugged terrain – both of which are beautifully abundant here in British Columbia – breed ardent photographers. One such photographer is Ben Giesbrecht, a videographer/photographer hailing from Kelowna, BC.

Ben and I met while I was feverishly recruiting photographers for Verily Magazine last summer – his short and sweet correspondence tinged with a delectable West Coast hospitality was a sure treat amidst the piles of business emails I was receiving back then.


His photography is as fresh and approachable as his demeanour – Ben masterfully captures smaller, understated subjects lost in the expanse of Pacific Northwest scenery, as well as wistful moments camping, road-tripping and attending music festivals with close friends. He documents Vancouver and its hinterlands with measured accuracy and grace, which, without fail, puts a satisfied grin on my face.


Ben was kind enough to answer a few burning questions about his path as a videographer/photographer and where this journey will take him. I hope that we can all live vicariously through his eloquent lifestyle and his notably organic development as a photographer.

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Q&A with Ben Giesbrecht

01. How did you get into professional videography/photography?

I started taking photos very casually around 6 or 7 years ago. I would mostly try to document short weekend trips I would go on when I was out snowboarding with my friends. I’ve only started to develop a more serious interest in photography/filmaking in the past couple years. I wouldn’t call myself a professional, but I keep getting offered more and more jobs which is nice.

02. Your work always seems to capture a strong sense of place. What do you love about the region you live in?

I love everything about living on the West Coast. We’re so lucky to have access to epic beaches, majestic forests and breathtaking mountain ranges all within a few minutes from downtown. It seems like there are endless new zones to explore and discover.

03. What are you currently working on?

I just finished up shooting a few photo essays and some portrait work that should be out soon. Other than that, I’m just trying to keep busy planning out some trips for later this year and working on a couple personal projects.

04. Tell us about a typical work day in the life of Ben Giesbrecht.

I don’t really have a typical work day. That’s the beauty of it, everyday is a little different.

05. Which websites do you visit for inspiration?

I try to check Flickr, Tumblr and Instagram everyday, there are a ton of amazing artists on there that are constantly putting out inspiring work. The guys at Great North Collective are also doing some pretty cool things.

To see more of Ben’s work, visit his website.

Photo Credit: Ben Giesbrecht