Laura Bancroft, known by many as Piper Winston, is a true denizen of Vancouver, BC. A biologist by training and photographer at heart, she is an eclectic mix of linear logic and creativity. Her work masterfully captures the quiet grandeur of British Columbia by paying homage to the delicate geometry manifest in its scenery. Laura was kind enough to sit down and share her story with us.


Q&A with Laura Bancroft

1. Please name three things you are currently into:

  • Design with an emphasis on form meeting function. Architectural, fashion-related, interior related, I’m intrigued by all of it.
  • Decaf Earl Grey tea with Bailey’s – I don’t really drink, but this combo has me by my sweet-tooth.
  • Meeting new people to adventure with. Sharing spots and taking photos with someone new is always inspiring.

2. You are a “biologist by training” — please explain.

In what seems like a previous life, I received my degree in Biology – Animal Biology. I’ve always been fascinated with life and the factors that drive and explain how things come to be. I’m about a 50:50 split between creativity/expression and logic.

3. How does your interest in biology inform your photography?

Though I have left my scientific background behind (for the most part), my sense of curiosity and intrigue plays a role in how I see the world (and photograph it). When you study the complex details that are required to make everyday occurrences possible, you realize everything you see is an amazing, physical expression of a delicate balance. This awareness makes me fully present in the moment, and drives me to want to capture every minute detail of life in front of me.

4. Your work always seems to capture a strong sense of place. What do you love about the region you live in?

Born and raised in the PNW, the roots of my identity are defined by this place. That being said, my family raised me to have a lust for adventure, road trips and discovery. Both of my grandmothers drove the California Coast before it was common. They, and my parents, filled me with dreams of travelling the world by car. From mountains to oceans, deserts to forests, my passion is being outdoors. Lucky for me Vancouver offers almost all of this within a 6 hour driving radius.

5. Tell us about a typical work day in the life of Laura Bancroft.

My typical wok day is probably much like many others’. I work for a small company to get by, but my 9-5 job doesn’t define my identity. My off time is really where I spend my energy – trying new projects, seeing new things and sharing it with others via social media/blogging. You can normally find me trying to convince friends to join me on last-minue adventures, turning down roads that seem to lead to nowhere and pouring over the heaps of photos after. Following a long day at work and an evening of adventuring, I am normally curled up on my couch with a movie sipping, as mentioned above, Earl Grey tea with Bailey’s.

6. Where is your favorite spot to shoot in Vancouver?

Howe Sound is this vast, untouched space where mountains and ocean meet. It’s beautiful in the rain, on a boat in the sunny summer or viewed by car on the way to Whistler. No matter how many times I visit this space, it always makes my heart sing. There’s always a new spot to discover and a different photo to take, and it changes its face completely from season to season.

7. What are your simplest daily pleasures?

  • Discovering new music to fall in love with.
  • Cooking for others.
  • Watercolour painting.
  • Binge-watching TV shows (guilty pleasure when I have the time).
  • The golden hour in our home, amazing light at the time of day when you need it.

8. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Ha! ….. Good question. I hope to make my off-time, creative hobbies, align with my 9-5 work. I would love to be entreprenuerial at some point. But, you can live your life lusting for the future, and even though I keep mine in mind I don’t want to spend today fretting about tomorrow.

Laura currently lives in Vancouver with her musically talented other, Tyler Bancroft. She dreams of one day embarking on an endless roadtrip with a boler trailer in tow. Want to learn more about the beautiful Laura? Visit her website or follow her on Instagram.


Photo Credit: Laura Bancroft