I met Oscar almost six years ago when I visited NYC for the very first time. Our mutual friend Angel had invited a small group of his close friends to take me out for the night. Oscar was one of them. I was wide-eyed and slightly intimidated as the city of my dreams, in all its rugged glory, starkly unfolded before my eyes.

Oscar and I became fast friends. We were both bilingual. We were both first generation immigrants. We were both trying to make sense of the societies we grew up in. After several years of living in different cities, I was lucky enough to reunite with him and Angel in 2014 when I officially moved to NYC.

OscarAcuna-23Fast forward to: present. Oscar is well on his way to becoming a model, and I had the distinct privilege of shooting a series of portfolio pieces with him. We met up in an artist’s loft in Bushwick and shot in the broad morning light. We’ve both come so far. Thank you Oscar for a fun shoot, and for making my job so damn easy. Enjoy!






Photo Credit: The Denizen Co.