A boutique design studio based in Brooklyn, New York crafting timeless and elegant designs since 2013.

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The Weekender

The Weekender is a quarterly lifestyle magazine based out of Vancouver, BC. Together, we crafted a brand identity and editorial concept for the inaugural issue, which was released winter of 2014.


OWA Yurika

OWA Yurika is a boutique children’s clothing brand based in London founded by designer Yuki Scott. Together, we created branded letterpress business cards to prepare for her web launch.


Local Milk

Local Milk is a popular food blog by photographer, recipe developer and stylist Beth Kirby. Together, we completed a web redesign and rebrand to accommodate her growing travel and lifestyle content.

Verily Magazine

Verily Magazine is a women’s fashion and lifestyle publication based out of New York. Together, we completed a web redesign and a graphic template library to ease their transition from a print to online publication.



A cohesive brand identity provides your audience with a seamless visual experience. Together, we will explore the origin story of your brand and develop a visual narrative through compelling logo design and art direction.


In an increasingly digital world, beautifully crafted print products set you apart from others. Whether you are simply in need of business cards or on the market for a fully customized letterpress suite, I am here to help.


Once we have established an identity, it’s time to introduce your brand to the digital realm. Thoughtful web design and imagery can help you establish a unique online presence and engage meaningfully with your audience.


Even established brands can benefit from brand realignment or a complete brand overhaul. Together, we will evaluate how your brand can better serve your audience through strategic visual marketing to unlock your brand’s true potential.



Interested in working together? Please email me using this form. I will reply within 48 hours with a PDF booklet outlining my baseline prices and process.


If you would like to proceed with a package, we will set up a date for a video chat to discuss your branding needs and long term goals.


After our chat, I will follow up with a design proposal, which includes a project timeline and quote. If both parties agree, a contract will be drafted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

Pricing varies largely depending on the scope of your project. Please contact me via this form and I will reply back within 48 hours with a PDF booklet outlining my baseline prices.

I am not a creative entrepreneur. Can we work together?

Yes, absolutely! My past clients have included lawyers, medical doctors, travel agencies, fitness trainers, academic publications – the list goes on. I welcome entrepreneurs and businesses of all types.

Can I feature you on my website/blog?

Yes! Please link back to my website and feel free to drop me a line.

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